At Project Restorations, we exceed standards by following our guiding principles:


We approach each project with integrity. We work with you from the beginning on your budget and work to control costs through project completion. We remain open, honest, and fair at all times.


We’re dedicated. This means we are personally committed to and concerned about every project whether big or small. We honor our commitments to our clients through project completion. We strive to provide the best, most responsive and talented work to each project.


This one speaks for itself. We work in a field where hazards and risks are all around us. We are committed to keeping PR staff and the general public safe - no excuses, no compromise - safety is our #1 priority.


In addition to "Project Restorations," PR also stands for "Personal Record" Our attention with pre-planning and focusing in on project specifics makes us FAST! We strive to set new goals and records to complete each project 100% efficiently and thoroughly on time.

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We embrace every project with a commitment to quality, safety, efficiency and integrity.